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In polygraph there are some of the most common ways of printing - offset and digital. Each of them has its own characteristics. In offset printing, the image is applied to the flat printed form for the first. After drawing of the image, the form is unexposed and film development. The illuminated parts of the plate begin to attract water and repel the ink, and non-illuminated - on the contrary. The ink is applied to the intermediate blanket cylinder which is covered rubber-elastic plate above, and from it - directly on the paper. Using the method of offset printing is beneficial in printing large runs.
For digital printing the prints obtained in the printing machine already using the variable plate. Computer printing machine (RIP) creates new form for each print cycle. This technology allows you to get different "image" on each leaf, to make personalized graphics and text printed. Basically ,digital printing equipment is used for printing short runs advertising, commercial products and personalized materials.