Do you think a business card will tell only about your position and phone number? A properly designed card will do many times more - if you are paid attention, you are remembered. Design in the printing industry is the key, and we understand it like no one else does.
Design of printed materials of all the levels of complexity
Development of design layouts is based on needs of the client. For each project a study of target groups is carried out. We do graphic design not the way you like, but by focusing on the response from the potential consumer.
Our key features are:


European style - we track key trends and directions in graphic design, attend specialized exhibitions, choose the best from the modern. We experiment with fresh trends, evaluate consumer response and offer our customers what really works.


 Focus on restrained minimalism - a laconic presentation emphasizes brand status. The design of printed materials, made in a noble and elegant style, creates the impression of an expensive, high-quality product, to possess which is a special pleasure.


Well-planned color scheme - the palette affects the overall perception of the product and the whole brand. Promoting a brand image with a leading color or special combinations is a powerful marketing tool.




Graphic designer and technologist work in close collaboration - the layout is designed in the way that the result will not be just beautiful, but also functional. The choice of the type of processing - carving, embossing, lacquering, depends on the ultimate goal. Just as a designer dress cannot be sewn from cheap synthetics, high-quality printing cannot be printed on boring cardboard. Graphic design is developed specifically for luxury materials. We are able to choose, process and transform them into a top product.


We transform simple ideas into a creative product.
What will change the design of printing in the life of your brand? Firstly - it will give its own recognizable style. This is the path chosen by the most successful companies of our time - and won. Want to find your niche in the market? Build the image that can be sold.
Graphic design is the best way to transform the concept of a brand into its “face”. What is corporate identity for? This is how you "dress" your company. Each element of branded products - from leaflets to a trademark package from a press conference, reflects the style, level and values ​​of the business.
We develop the design of printed products for:

• events - gift sets, advertising sets, wedding invitations;

• advertising campaigns - brochures and booklets, flyers, banners, catalogs;

• corporate clients - corporate packages, calendars, business cards, menus for restaurants, etc;

• manufacturers of products - covers, cases, boxes, packages.

See how we do this by looking in the “Portfolio” section. We have already entrusted the development of printing design to the largest companies in Azerbaijan. We have formed a style for landmark events in Baku and the regions. Would you like to to get the same? Bet on quality.


Business card design - the basis of the image
One of the lines of Stamperia's work is the development, design and printing of business cards of the representative class. Is it worth it to invest time and money in such a simple thing as a business card? It depends on which effect you would like to achieve. The card can become an ordinary piece of cardboard, lost among dozens of the same in the wallet of your new friend. But we know how to make it work for you.


The designer considers the image of the company, selects the material, fonts and color to cause the desired association. We recommend our customers a restrained European style business card design. Proper graphic design of your printed products is a win-win way to turn a brand into a sales tool. We know exactly how to do it!