We do what others will not be able to do!

Production of a wide range of printed products.

Why the majority of printing houses do not work with new materials from Europe and avoid non-standard orders? Even the most beautiful design and high-quality sources will not give the desired result, if the technology is not observed, the optimal processing method is not chosen. “Stamperia” implements printing projects of any level of complexity. 


There are digital and offset printing, silkscreen printing, embossing, cutting, die-cutting, a combination of techniques for creating complex designs among our services.

We carry out each project along the way from the creation of an idea to its realization into the finished product. How does this happen? 



• advise;

• we study the target audience of the customer;

• we choose a working strategy;

• we develop design;

• we design packaging and other functional products;

• create a layout;

• produce full circulation.





We carry out the printing of business cards, booklets, brochures, catalogs, calendars, stickers, banners and any types of advertising and representative printing. Available in circulation of any volume. A separate direction - the production of packaging (bags, boxes, cases, etc.).


Production of printing on the latest equipment
Looking for a way to qualitatively "break into" the market with a new product? Complex combination products that catch your attention will cope with the task. New printing batches can be ordered at any time - we maintain stable stocks of source codes in warehouses.


The range of materials on its own stock is formed from the most interesting and trend new products from Europe. We do not just know the trends - we are the first to turn them into a working marketing product. When everything - from a corporate folder to an advertising booklet - is done in a stylish and unusual way, it creates a strong image.
Advantages of working with us:


• result guarantee - we test the compliance of the product with the quality standards before launching the circulation;
• use of materials that no one else will have;
• a demanding approach to functionality, especially when it comes to packaging;
• operational implementation of tasks and fair price.




Offset and digital printing are performed in a trend color palette, premium quality paints.
Packaging production
Half of the product's success is the packaging that clings. The product may be of excellent quality, but the consumer will not know about it if you hide it in an inexpressive, boring, standard "clothes." People buy not what they need, but what they want to have.


We offer not just beautiful packaging for your products. Creating it is not difficult - it is difficult to do it with high quality Often the aesthetic requirements for the box, package, case, contrary to its intended purpose. We know how to combine one with the other. As a result, you get the packaging, not only attractive in appearance, but also functional.


It must:

• be easy to transport;

• withstand the load;

• keep the product in proper form;

• retain shape;

• environmentally friendly disposal.

Ergonomic and stylish printing is the face of your company. We make what other will not be able to make!